• Tanko Lighting provides professional services for 
    turn-key municipal streetlight projects.

  • "The project was completed without a hitch and we've had zero complaints to date. The best project I've been responsible for." 

    ​- David Daltorio, PE Town of Hopkinton, MA

Our Mission

Tanko Lighting implements municipal streetlight ownership, energy efficiency, and maintenance projects using dynamic GIS data and Smart City technologies. Our expertise in streetlight strategies allows us to shape the positive future of municipalities and their residents.

Why Us?

We are streetlight experts.

We specialize in both municipal streetlighting and data management – crucial skills to ensuring accurate design and precise installation.

We are proven.

Our approach has been proven successful through our involvement with and conversion of hundreds of thousands of streetlights nationwide.

We are passionate.

We ensure projects are done well, client burdens are eliminated, and communities benefit from improved lighting and decreased costs using less energy.

Our Services

We offer municipalities a variety of services including:

Gold circle icon with a handshake to signify streetlight ownership support with Tanko. We help cities buy streetlights from Utility companies.

Ownership Support

Icon of mobile device used by Tanko Streetlight Auditors to collect streetlight locations and data, showcasing our expertise in GIS streetlight field audits.

GIS Field Audit

Location marker icon placed on a street map to represent detailed streetlight design services offered by Tanko.

Detailed Design

Icon of a cobrahead streetlight fixture to bring awareness to our bread and butter - LED streetlight conversions.

Cobrahead LED Conversion

Photocells icon, highlighting how streetlight controls are great ways to get started with smart city technologies.

Streetlight Controls

Icon of tools forming an X – Tanko offers extended services, providing maintenance for the converted streetlights. Tanko maintains city streetlights around the country.

Ongoing Maintenance

“ Tanko Lighting did an excellent job for the City of Modesto. They were excellent to work with and the results were also excellent. ”

— Jeff Barnes, Traffic Engineer, City of Modesto, CA

A photo aiming down a sunny two-way street near a neighborhood entrance – both cobrahead and bell streetlight fixtures are in view.

Contact an Energy Advisor Today!

Our professional Energy Advisors have extensive experience working with municipalities across the nation 

and are available to assist your community with its streetlighting needs.

Our Nationwide Experience

A nationwide map of street light projects where Tanko Lighting has helped cities and towns convert streetlights to LED, maintain streetlights, conduct streetlight field audits, or buy streetlights from utilities

Tanko in the News!

A municipality's LED streetlight that was converted by Tanko Lighting
A municipality's LED streetlight that was converted by Tanko Lighting
La Verne Replaces Traditional Streetlights with LEDs
Windsor to Discuss taking Streetlights from PVREA, Xcel
A municipality's LED streetlight that was converted by Tanko Lighting

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